As part of our on-going commitment to improving our products and services and in line with Eaton Policy and our Terms and Conditions, we have undertaken a deeper analysis of products returned to Mitcheldean. In many cases there is no evidence of attempted installation. The remaining items have little or no data supplied to support investigation but the item passes our production test. Where installers have provided more complete information, our Quality and Technical Service teams are better able to validate any reported behaviours.


With this in mind and to support further improvement, we are making slight changes to the way in which we manage returns.


What will change?


Where a warranty is claimed we reserve the right to bring the product back to Mitcheldean for investigation. Our standard Returns Material Authority process will then be followed and facilitated by the area account manager, who will visit your branch. Any goods that are returned to us will need the following information supplied with the product:


  • CRM reference obtained from our Technical Support Department
  • Customer and engineer name – to enable us to fully understand the reported issue
  • Reported behaviours to assist with the investigation
  • General site information including details of any connected equipment
  • The date of installation
  • Date of removal from site


Where the return is organised by Mitcheldean and following the requirements above, the cost of return will be covered through the use of our carriers.


How will this affect you?


In April and May, we will confirm whether or not the product demonstrates the reported behaviour via our Quality Department. We will then supply replacement product.

From 1st June 2014 we will confirm whether or not the product demonstrates the reported behaviour. If the reported behaviour is validated as a fault, we will replace the product. If the reported behaviour cannot be validated and the product passes our standard tests, we will tag the item and return it to you. As an alternative we will organise the disposal of the product at our cost through our WEEE scheme. Items falling into this category will not be replaced.


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